Pete Wylie at the Picket

September 2002

Travis at Manchester Apollo

Jamie from Space and Peter Wylie on stage at the Wondrous Place book launch, September 2002

Message from Pete Wylie

Liverpool is the capital of pop, to retain that title in the future,we need to celebrate our heritage,not let it be run down we need new music,a thriving scene of all kinds of music the Picket's played a vital part in the musical life of this great city. When everyone went pill-popping-house-music-mad the picket remained steadfast and offered an alternative, and music of longevity, excitement, art even! not flash in the pan take the money and run trash and let's not forget some great nights out, celebrations of all that's good in the music world.

In recent times people have started acknowledging that this music brings in huge revenues, both directly through sales etc and indirectly through tourism, merchandise and, importantly, profile-raising Liverpool's unfairly damaged reputation is improving all the time, so why kick it in the teeth now

I can hear it now..."they dont steal hubcaps anymore-they just close everywhere down"

The picket also gives access to people who would otherwise be excluded- regardless of sex race sexuality profit even politics! -and support like that is VITAL in the formative years if we're ever going to get a new Beatles ,it'll be in places like this...the true music loving places like the picket no-one can predict where the next pop success comes from, but if you close the picket, you reduce the odds dramatically and surely 'the world in one city' means a world of alternatives, not just a single seam of the same old same old...

We lost Erics, we lost the cavern it would be short-sighted to let the picket go the way of those great places, both of which were regarded as mere clubs at the time. How wrong the powers that be were then, and how they've been ridiculed since! This is different...we have the chance to SAVE THE PICKET!

OR we could close the picket...and let's close the Everyman and the Playhouse...the Bluecoat...where next?

The picket's also supported good causes, raising money and awareness while still offering top entertainment I've never been paid by the picket; I've played there 4 or 5 times for free, because it's a great and special place my interest is that it's an alternative to the mainstream that we, the music and arts community of this city AND the general public AND the music world at large will miss.

But that would be too late!

We don't need more luxury flats... we need a thriving artistic community! Please don't let 2008 be defined by what we lost every effort must be used to keep the picket open PLEASE!

….and it's not run by gangsters!

Pete Wylie

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