Message from Pete Townshend

8th January 2004

Pete Townend and speakers

Pete Townend with the speakers donated to the Pinball Studio

"I don't know enough about The Picket as a live showplace to be able to make much comment except to say that there are never enough good places to play in this country. When I was young they were everywhere. However, the recording studio was pretty much my baby and I am stunned, shocked, appalled and WANT MY MONEY BACK (or at least my old Tannoy speakers) to hear it might close.

For heaven's sake where is the sanity in shutting down a place that has helped so many young artists make their first demos (and no doubt do their first gigs), get deals and go on to bring in money to the country?

Since the beginning I've been so proud of the studio. Recently when I heard THE CORAL slagging off everyone older than 20, and then that they had passed through The Picket, I cheered.

Great band. Great attitude. Great place to get started.

That's what this country's particular brand of rock and pop is about. Something is wrong. Maybe we can't expect Liverpool to fund this on its own. I'm sure it's a costly exercise. But neither must we expect it to pay for itself because it raises spirits, tax revenue, talent levels, joy, heart and minds everywhere in the world.

Pete Townshend. 8th January 2004.

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