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Created 18 September 2016

Events related to the Liverpool Music Scene and the Picket legacy

New Bird Steet

Album Project

In support of groups operating on Mersyside in support of better mental health, including the Samaritans, CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) and SAFE Regeneration, Bootle

Phil Hayes has got loads of famous bands on board as he raises awareness of mental health - listen to the Radio City Interview HERE describing the project and its purpose

Phil Hayes and Pete Townsend 1986

28th November- 9th December 2106

Phil's latest exhibition of collages at Unit 51 - - Jamaica Street Liverpool L1

The photos are from Phil's previous exhibition held at Unit 51 in April 2016

Collage at Unit 51, April 2016
Collage at Unit 51 April 2016 Description of image


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