"The Picket is great not just because it's a good venue to play, but because it is so grounded in the community. It's the kind of facility that every town should have." Billy Bragg

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For Sale sign, Hardman street Greenland Street

The way forward for the Picket.

See the new Independents' District HERE

  Picket entrance Greenland Street

17th September 2004: Independents' Day

The Picket has found a new home in Jamaica Street as part of a new £1.5m arts district located near the waterfront. Two warehouses and a disused factory will provide studio spaces, rehearsal rooms and gallery space.

The new Independent Arts District opened on September 17 for the Liverpool Biennial. Space was free during the festival before being offered at a low rate afterwards.

icLiverpool report HERE.

Philip Hayes and the Picket team have struck a partnership with the afoundation arts group, founder of the Liverpool Biennial of Contemporary Art.

This will allow the creation of a new home for the Picket as part of these new facilities which should provide venues for 500 to 2,000 people.

"We were approached by the afoundation and asked if we wanted to become a partner for the new Arts district in Jamaica Street. We are delighted that we have got this opportunity. There is still plenty of work to be done though. We need to confirm that we are going to continue getting our funding and there is a need for equipment and office space. We are going to need a lot of help from people. But I think that this is something that people can get behind. I have had talks with the City Council and they have said they will help us if they can." Phil Hayes



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Click HERE for a document listing the numerous bands and acts who have performed at the Picket over the last 20 years put together by Neil Robinson.

Click HERE for the Echo account at icLiverpool.

Images below from the December 2003 savethepicket gig,

Icicle "The City belongs to the People"
Over the river the sunset melts
Across the city rooftops...
Up here on Hardman Street
The romance of the Liverpool night
Flows like mercury...
Rolling down an alleyway
A rhythm comes, a drumbeat,

And the howl of an electric guitar
Dragging you into its dream world...
saving the picket
This is the reason for living tonight
This music, this heartbeat,
This room full of voices,
Song and smoke,
Of wild words, dance and laughter...
And the bright eyes in a hundred heads,
The glimmer of souls, the reason...
For this is what the city means,
This night, this sound, these people.

Jeff Young, December 2003
John Power and Bandit

Click HERE for a gallery of photos by Dave Evans

The Picket has existed for 20 years, putting on gigs for local bands, providing recording facilities and advice for new bands, and benefit concerts for a wide range of community organisations.

The Picket/Peoples Centre is a Grade 2 listed Victorian building, just around the corner from Paul McCartney's LIPA and the Art College John Lennon attended.

The Venue and Studio were opened in 1980's to create some real, positive alternatives to unemployment, heroin and desperation.

Since opening the staff have created a professional live music venue, a community access recording studio, 'Dry Bar' gigs for under 18's, an open door advice service for local bands and musicians and the Liverpool Now; High and Dry Festival.

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Message from Pete Townshend

Click picture for message Pete with Pinball speakers

Message from Liverpool Writers

John Fay, (Coronation Street, Clocking Off, Kirkby Response Theatre),
Carmel Morgan, (Coronation Street, Royle Family; Trustee of Liverpool Festival of Comedy),
Roy Boulter, (Brookside, Hollyoaks; former member of The Farm; director of Hurricane Films).
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Liverpool writers

Message from Fran Healey, Travis

Click picture for message Travis at the Manchester Apollo

Message from Phil Hayes

Click picture for message Phil with Damon Albarn

Message from Pete Wylie

Click picture for message Pete Wylie at the Picket


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The Picket and its associated activities have made a great contribution to this City's cultural life, enhancing Liverpool's music industry and improving opportunities for local musicians. Closure would have been a great loss to the City and have a devastating impact on its cultural facilities for the people of Liverpool.

Please read the guestbook and check back here for developments.

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Save the Picket gig 05 Dec 2003

You can also e-mail us with your contact details if you have any suggestions that may help, or if you require further information.

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